Tenth Division

Tenth Division is a strategy game. To win one must master troop maneuver, negotiation, and resource management. Conquer your friends with cunning and strategy. Death is temporary. Honor is forever.

Tenth Division is currently in Beta. Download the instructions and play with your friends!


Growing up I loved board games like Risk. As an adult I played strategy games like Catan and Dominion. Still, I longed for a deep strategy war game. So I research military war gaming, economics, and finance to create Tenth Division. I hope you enjoy playing. If you'd like to help, please take a quick survey.

Historical Setting

1365 AD. 10 miles Northwest of Nanjing, China. A masterful battle took place. General WeiMin lead the Tenth Division, known as the bright ten ( 明十) to victory. They defeated the Mongols, ending the Yuan Dynasty. Sadly, in the final battle, General WeiMin died, leaving a power vacuum between his brigade commanders. Which commander will take control and usher in the Ming Dynasty?

Play the Game

Play our Beta version now! Grab some friends, download the rules, and play. The Beta version can be assembled via other popular boardgames. Don't forget to leave us feedback so we can continue to improve the rules and balance.


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You will find instructions for assembling the Tenth Division Beta and Rules. Also avaliable in PDF.

Instruction Page

PDF Download

Tenth Division is available for free under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. That means you can use, evolve, and share the game for free, just don’t sell it. Please support us by telling friends and providing feedback.
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